Gnosis is an open-source protocol for building decentralized prediction markets.

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Reviews for Gnosis

  • Alex Van De Sande on Gnosis UX Designer at the Ethereum Foundation

    Gnosis isnโ€™t an Augur clone. Gnosis is doing great work independent from Augur and itโ€™s great to have more than one company working on prediction markets.

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  • Ari Paul on Gnosis Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

    Consider the gnosis ICO, another experiment. [The] gnosis approach seemed reasonable a priori but failed miserably because of โ€œstupidโ€ investors who were entirely price insensitive. Maybe that should have been predicted, but wasnโ€™t obvious to me ahead of time.

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  • Nick Tomaino on Gnosis Founder at 1confirmation

    Gnosis has been quiet on the prediction market front but should not be forgotten. Theyโ€™ve been building pieces (DutchX, Safe, dxDAO) that could all come together to enable prediction markets in coming months.

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