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Gnosis is an open-source protocol for building decentralized prediction markets.

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Gnosis isn’t an Augur clone. Gnosis is doing great work independent from Augur and it’s great to have more than one company working on prediction markets.

2018-05-19 | Full Review


Consider the gnosis ICO, another experiment. [The] gnosis approach seemed reasonable a priori but failed miserably because of “stupid” investors who were entirely price insensitive. Maybe that should have been predicted, but wasn’t obvious to me ahead of time.

Ari Paul, Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

2019-03-14 | Full Review


Gnosis has been quiet on the prediction market front but should not be forgotten. They’ve been building pieces (DutchX, Safe, dxDAO) that could all come together to enable prediction markets in coming months.

2019-05-25 | Full Review