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Alex Van De Sande

Alex Van De Sande is a designer and frontend developer at the Ethereum Foundation. He helped design the Mist Browser for Ethereum.

Ethereum Foundation

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Ethereum Classic is what happens when original developers and a whole community decide to leave an old chain to die on the side of the road. Instead, it survived and came back with a vengeance. Itโ€™s inspiring, really.

2018-06-17 | Full Review


A zero knowledge DAI implementation working live on the main chain: https://github.com/AztecProtocol/AZTEC โ€ฆ
Programmable, private, stable. We're slowing approaching the holy grail of currencies.

2018-11-30 | Full Review


Gnosis isnโ€™t an Augur clone. Gnosis is doing great work independent from Augur and itโ€™s great to have more than one company working on prediction markets.

2018-05-19 | Full Review


I created a secret phrase that I can write down anywhere, and then that can be real gold storage! Thinking about that makes everything seem awesome!

2018-04-17 | Full Review

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