Storj is a decentralized network for cloud storage.

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Reviews for Storj

  • Nic Carter on Storj Partner at Castle Island VC and Co-founder of Coinmetrics

    Storj is a distributed data storage token project that raised about $30m in an ICO in May 2017. It’s in a rough category of troubled data storage projects along with Filecoin, Sia, and MaidSafe. It has seen its fair share of drama and founder exits. When I’ve asked, technical experts with domain knowledge will concede that distributed file storage is a near-intractable challenge, and a mainstream application of the technology is still years away.

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  • Jackson Palmer on Storj Group Product Manager at Adobe and Creator of Dogecoin

    As far as I know, hardly anyone is using things like Gnosis, Storj, etc., though. They're neat hobby projects without user bases.

    I would wager the bulk of the token holders are only there for a price pump on the token itself.

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  • Peter Todd on Storj Applied Cryptography Consultant

    As for the coins associated with MaidSafe and Storj, there's no reason to think any of this instant confirmation, low-fee, no-mining stuff is Sybil resistant. Sure, it might work if we can rely on the majority of nodes being honest and you not being Sybil attacked, but at best that's certainly a lesser standard of security than Bitcoin offers; at worst it just won't work.

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