VeChain is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed for supply chain management. Real-world assets can be digitized on VeChain's blockchain, allowing them to be tracked across manufacturers, suppliers, all the way to consumers.

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Reviews for VeChain

  • Murad Mahmudov on VeChain Cyptocurrency at Adaptive Capital.

    BTC has a clear pathway to becoming an actual money. The way value accrues to VET is totally unknown.

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  • Kevin Pan on VeChain Product Manager at Twitch

    VeChain has been overmarketed. It's even worse of a centralized mess than EOS.

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  • Sizhao Yang on VeChain Crypto Investor

    There are many supply chain coins (like VeChain) that in theory should work but their end customer are nocoiners, non crypto natives, who have to make the conversation from fiat -> BTC -> blockchain -> altcoins -> altcoin use cases.

    Most of the people got converted over to the internet over 15 years from the launch of Netscape to where it became usable for most people. The first generation of trying non digital natives in the '90s mostly failed (consumer and B2B).

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