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EOS is a cryptocurrency focused on smart contracts and decentralized applications. It focuses around scalability and eliminating fees for users.

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In EOS, a few complete strangers can freeze what users thought was their money. Under the EOS protocol, you must trust a "constitutional" organization comprised of people you will likely never get to know. The EOS "constitution" is socially unscalable and a security hole.

Nick Szabo, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer

2018-06-19 | Full Review


Now, the latest scandal in DPoS (delegated proof of stake) land seems to be substantially worse. Because the delegate rewards in EOS are now so high (5% annual inflation, about $400m per year), the competition on who gets to run nodes has essentially become yet another frontier of U.S.-China geopolitical economic warfare. . . . The EOS New York community’s response seems to be that they have issued a strongly worded letter to the world stating that buying votes will be against the constitution.

2018-03-28 | Full Review


We’re still talking about EOS like it’s a utility token/commodity. I don’t understand why it needs to be held in reserve at an $11 billion valuation pre-launch.

2018-04-24 | Full Review


None of them [blockchains] are fast enough for industrial strength. We have one that just started called EOS, and that will be one of the first fast blockchains. One of the reasons why I think EOS has a shot is because it has a $5 billion-$6 billion war chest.

2018-06-06 | Full Review


Governance is hard. See the EOS (on-chain governance) low retail voter turnout for electing the Block Producers and the Zcash Foundation Community Governance Process (off-chain governance meets social signaling). Currently, around 5% of EOS holders have staked tokens to vote for the Block Producers. 15% is needed. The EOS low voter turnout is a result of low retail participation and centralization of the initial investors.

2018-06-12 | Full Review


If the moat of Ethereum (ETH) is this easy to break by EOS, won’t EOS’s be as well? Just a month ago, people thought ETH would be worth 15x BTC. Smart contract platforms battle will be fun to watch, but in the end, they’ll all commoditize each other. This is a prisoners dilemma in action

2018-04-25 | Full Review


Honestly, I don't understand the whole EOS thing. Why people decided out of all the companies in the world that could run a federated permissioned ledger that it should be one run by people with a track record of borderline fraud I will never understand.

2018-07-20 | Full Review


Say whatever you like, EOS achieves higher dramas per second than any other chain.

2018-07-08 | Full Review


EOS is a necessary experiment with decent performance, semi-centralization and invisible fees.

2018-08-13 | Full Review


EOS is far and away the largest blockchain — in terms of usage, market cap, liquidity, and others — and requires the most active and engaged governance and technical infrastructure.

2018-09-18 | Full Review


One of EOS‘s greatest strengths is in having 21+ independent, accountable, and well-financed teams like @EOS_Canada & @eosnewyork to help provide user support, develop infrastructure, and market the platform.

2018-10-16 | Full Review


EOS is the joke that never stops giving. From their token sale to their 21 nodes controlling everything, and now to just 1 node running their election. A MongoDB instance would be more decentralized

2018-06-10 | Full Review


Based on what I’ve seen over the last couple of months, there’s a real chance that EOS will surpass Ethereum in 1 year in terms of developer activity and user adoption. But I still wouldn’t want to hold EOS as a long-term SoV due to its censorability.

2018-11-17 | Full Review


EOS is struggling now because they chose to do token/coin voting, and all those tokens are held in exchanges (or holders are apathetic). As some of the Bitcoin Core devs pointed out, this solution has come up and been dismissed many times. Why didn’t EOS know this?

2018-06-13 | Full Review


EOS isn't even trying. It simply starts out as a centralized system, and it can simply remain under centralized control because it can always pick future quorums under its own control. If you don't trust that initial server, you shouldn't trust the system, EOS isn't for you.

2018-06-09 | Full Review

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