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Sizhao Yang

Shizhao Yang is a crypto investor who has backed projects like Dfinity, Hashgraph, and riot chain. He previously co-founded Betterworks and was a co-creator of Farmville.

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[Stellar's] perspective is serving smart assets and decentralized exchanges. They've spent more time on the layers of the settlement, leading to a fast and diverse set of financial applications that can be built on top of XLM.

2018-01-06 | Full Review


Banks are not going to disappear simply because of Bitcoin and any "revolution" will require 20-30 years to happen. I would argue that protocols like XRP are not an anomaly. They are a reflection of the trade-off between centralization and existing infrastructure. Their perspective is that blockchain is a technology first and foremost and not a wide cloud network like Facebook.

2018-01-06 | Full Review


MakerDAO or something like it will be big. Crypto needs a central bank that's crypto native.

2018-11-15 | Full Review


There are many supply chain coins [like VeChain], which in theory should work but their end customer are nocoiners, non crypto natives, who have to make the conversation from fiat -> $btc -> blockchain -> alt coins -> alt coin use cases.

Most of the people got converted over to the internet over 15 years from launch of Netscape to where it became usable for most people. The first generation of trying non digital natives in the 90s mostly failed (consumer and b2b).

2018-01-25 | Full Review