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Chris Dixon is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where he leads the firms dedicated crypto fund. Dixon's investments in cryptocurrency include Ripple, 21.co, and OpenBazzar.

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  • Chris Dixon on Dai General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    We do think [a stablecoin like Dai] is a really important idea, to have a coin pegged to something like the U.S. dollar in order to make the experience more mainstream and accessible, [versus a world rife with] these volatile coins. We think it’s such an important piece of infrastructure that there could be multiple winners.

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  • Chris Dixon on Ethereum General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    Blockchain networks like Ethereum have a radical new business model. It is not to take some piece of the action or sell ads to generate revenue—it’s to issue coins or tokens and have the network hopefully grow in popularity. If the tokens are well designed, they will grow in value along with the network.

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  • Chris Dixon on Bitcoin General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    There was a civil war in Bitcoin and I was on the losing side, I guess, the so-called big block side. In theory, it was a debate over literally a single number in the GitHub code, which is called the block size. In practice it was really a debate between two broader visions of blockchain technology or Bitcoin. One was that the purpose of this is to disrupt the Federal Reserve—the cypherpunk, libertarian view. The other side, which I’m on, says that this is a really interesting new architecture where you could build lots of things that could be financially related, like money.

    I think Bitcoin itself is interesting, but could do much more than that as well. And this side wanted to not only change its parameter, but do other things—like add a more rich programming language. Bitcoin actually has a very basic programming language. So our side lost. But then Ethereum came out [in 2014] and those folks were on my side.

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