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  • Chris Dixon on Dai General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    We do think [a stablecoin like Dai] is a really important idea, to have a coin pegged to something like the U.S. dollar in order to make the experience more mainstream and accessible, [versus a world rife with] these volatile coins. We think it’s such an important piece of infrastructure that there could be multiple winners.

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  • Marc Andreessen on Bitcoin Cofounder and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    Bitcoin is still working today, exactly the same as it worked last year and the year before that and the year before that. By all the noise and all of the stuff and all of the crashes and this and that and the other thing, it just continues to work. It just is. It’s becoming like air or water. It just is, like it or hate it. It just is.

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  • Preethi Kasireddy on Ethereum Founder and CEO at TruStory

    Bitcoin took off because it preached Ideology. Ethereum took off because it preached Practicality.

    The fallacy is in thinking one is RIGHT and the other is WRONG. A new social construct needs BOTH.

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  • Preethi Kasireddy on Cosmos Founder and CEO at TruStory

    Cosmos fundamentally believes that it’s impossible to get everyone to agree on a single set of rules to govern a world-wide economic network. This is already evident in the real world where you see multiple forks of Bitcoin being created because of philosophical and political disagreement. On the other hand, in Ethereum’s case, we’re seeing that stakeholders can’t agree on the right form of governance or have a tendency to resist formal governance, which can be counter-productive and slow down the progress of development.

    Cosmos tries to solve this by enabling interoperability among many sovereign blockchains, even and ESPECIALLY if they have different governance policies. Therefore, social AND economic scalability is one of the core value props of Cosmos. It give its users and developers the ultimate freedom and potential for permissionless experimentation.

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  • Chris Dixon on Ethereum General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    Blockchain networks like Ethereum have a radical new business model. It is not to take some piece of the action or sell ads to generate revenue—it’s to issue coins or tokens and have the network hopefully grow in popularity. If the tokens are well designed, they will grow in value along with the network.

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  • Balaji Srinivasan on Bitcoin Former CTO of Coinbase

    As the decade ends, the biggest unicorn of the 2010s wasn’t Uber, Airbnb, or Snap. It was Bitcoin.

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  • Chris Dixon on Bitcoin General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

    There was a civil war in Bitcoin and I was on the losing side, I guess, the so-called big block side. In theory, it was a debate over literally a single number in the GitHub code, which is called the block size. In practice it was really a debate between two broader visions of blockchain technology or Bitcoin. One was that the purpose of this is to disrupt the Federal Reserve—the cypherpunk, libertarian view. The other side, which I’m on, says that this is a really interesting new architecture where you could build lots of things that could be financially related, like money.

    I think Bitcoin itself is interesting, but could do much more than that as well. And this side wanted to not only change its parameter, but do other things—like add a more rich programming language. Bitcoin actually has a very basic programming language. So our side lost. But then Ethereum came out [in 2014] and those folks were on my side.

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  • Balaji Srinivasan on EOS Former CTO of Coinbase

    [Crypto is] not a zero sum game. I think EOS has a shot at crypto gaming and social networks, which are lower stakes and higher volume than ETH's ICOs and [decentralized finance], which is in turn lower stakes and higher volume than BTC (digital gold).

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  • Balaji Srinivasan on Dai Former CTO of Coinbase

    I am actually bullish on DAI. Track record has been good and has dispelled many initial concerns.

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  • Balaji Srinivasan on Ethereum Former CTO of Coinbase

    The switch from physical mail to email increased speed 1000X and changed the metabolism of business.

    Getting a ~1000X improvement in settlement times via ETH (1 day to 1 minute) is similar. I’ve already seen millions of dollars of txs where same minute settlement changes things.

    At Earn, we would be on the phone with a client. They would send (say) $100k in ETH. We would hit refresh and see money hit on-chain. We would then send $10 paid messages to 10,000 users.

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