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Elizabeth Stark is CEO and Co-founder of Lightning Labs, a decentralized second layer for scaling blockchain transactions. She's also a fellow at Coin Center and she previously taught courses at Stanford and Yale on the future of the internet.

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  • Elizabeth Stark on Dentacoin CEO and Cofounder of Lightning Labs

    Dentacoin: helping people gamble away their money on dentists since 2017.™

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  • Elizabeth Stark on XRP CEO and Cofounder of Lightning Labs

    Like are you fucking kidding me? Not a chance in hell that XRP is more decentralized than BTC.

    But hey, once something is used as a metric, it's no longer a useful measure.

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  • Elizabeth Stark on Bitcoin Gold CEO and Cofounder of Lightning Labs

    [N]ot all chains are equal. Have you seen the recent attacks on XVG, etc.? Not to mention BTG, Monacoin, Bytecoin, the list goes on.

    The potential attack surface (you want it to be small) and cost of attacking the network (you want it to be high) are *hugely* important.

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