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Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik is a Bitcoin Core developer and founder of and CEO of Bloq, a company that builds blockchain technology for the enterprise. Garzik previously served on the board of Coin Center.

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  • Jeff Garzik on Litecoin Founder and CEO of Bloq

    Litecoin is a cheaper, faster, marginally less-secure version of BTC. Plenty of advantages there.

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  • Jeff Garzik on Tron Founder and CEO of Bloq

    TRON is a fascinating economic and ethical study. Can a photocopy pump be backfilled with real substance?

    It's like paper mache art. Inflate a paper-thin balloon, then surround it with hardened substance.

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  • Jeff Garzik on Binance Coin Founder and CEO of Bloq

    Continuing to be impressed by Binance.

    Silicon Valley talks about building a "moat". Binance's $BNB is just that; it's integrated in 100 little ways into their website, from fee rebates to voting to small altcoin balance exch; very sticky.

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  • Jeff Garzik on Ethereum Founder and CEO of Bloq

    The more "wrapped" tokens [from other cryptocurrencies] on ETH, the more ETH becomes a blockchain for financial exchange. Wrapped BTC was actually mentioned in one of [Ethereum founder] Vitalik Buterin's earliest papers, and is now a reality.

    Being able to create smart contracts that can work with multiple currencies is very powerful from a programmability standpoint. Smart contracts could be written to ingest and dispense BTC, ETH, ETC, USD and more depending on conditions. Asset baskets could be automated on chain.

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