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Verge is a cryptocurrency that is focused on anonymous, private transactions between users.

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In both cases, [the Verge] hack presents a strong argument for tending towards sticking to things proven to work and to be wary of overcomplicating things and thereby introducing unnecessary risks when people’s financial assets are involved. Which, I suppose, means two points for team Bitcoin.

2018-05-14 | Full Review


So Verge, Bitcoin Gold, and Monacoin (unverified) have all been attacked in the last day or so. This is the inevitable destiny of every smaller PoW chain. Verge and BTG were both sold as a “better bitcoin”. This is the fate of every better bitcoin.

Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures and Co-creator of Coinmetrics

2018-05-22 | Full Review


Verge mining is being exploited again. Someone has 51% attacked and taken over the Verge network again. PornHub transactions are being reversed! 😂

2018-05-22 | Full Review


Total train wreck on Verge, involving a 51% attack and a botched fork.

2018-04-05 | Full Review


I like verge. Having difficulty acquiring it though.

John McAfee, Software developer, founder of McAfee, CEO of MGT Capital Investments Inc.

2017-09-17 | Full Review


verge had multiple algos at once and all kinds of security issues

2018-05-26 | Full Review


Bitcoin gets a lot of flak for being extremely conservative about new code, but stuff like the Verge hack and the BCH 0-day massively validate their approach.

2018-05-22 | Full Review


So much for Verge $XVG and their IP address privacy, someone's publishing originating IP addresses for Verge transactions (not just general node IP addresses). Considering that IP address obfuscation is their single privacy claim, looks like they're toast.

2018-01-01 | Full Review


Verge makes strong claims about their privacy that are not true. They make false claims about the privacy provided by legitimate projects for their own benefit. They make these false claims despite knowing that it could get someone hurt. It is clear that the team is marketing on false information for self-serving purposes. These are not honest intentions. They do not care about the safety and freedom of people who need privacy. They are claiming to fight for a cause they clearly don’t care about, and putting others at risk for financial gain.

2018-01-04 | Full Review

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