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Josh Olszewicz

Josh Olszewicz is a Trader at Techemy Capital, a holding company that invests in and develops blockchain companies. He's also a contributor to Brave New Coin.

Reviews by Josh Olszewicz

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Early adoption metrics and [decentralized exchanges] using the ZRX protocol suggest a bright future. DEXs will continue to be developed and deployed during 2018 and beyond, fulfilling the need to decrease the custodial risk inherent in centralized exchanges.

2018-02-26 | Full Review


[Cardano] is more centralized then $XRP and just about as centralized as $IOTA

2018-07-13 | Full Review


PIVX has both an active development team and a community dedicated to improving the coin for all users.

2017-10-12 | Full Review


BTS offers much more than just a cryptocurrency, but has essentially collapsed under its own weight of complexity and lack of compelling use cases. BTS has lost much of its smart contract market share to Ethereum.

2017-09-25 | Full Review