IOTA is a cryptocurrency that's based around Directed Acylic Graphs (DAG) rather than PoW or POS consensus mechanisms. IOTA is aimed at removing the need for blocks and transaction fees.

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Reviews for IOTA

  • Myles Snider on IOTA Research Associate at Multicoin Capital

    While IOTA was one of the first major projects to build a DAG instead of a blockchain, we find that the approach taken by the IOTA team presents many reasons to be highly concerned. While DAG-based systems may form an important part of the future of the crypto ecosystem, we have reservations about the DAG implementation of IOTA, as listed above.

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  • Matt Corrallo on IOTA Engineer at Chaincode Labs and Bitcoin Core Developer

    Most of the stuff in this space doesn't get actively exploited. Look at BTCP or IOTA, both terribly, hilariously insecure, and, yet . . . nothing. That doesn't make them secure; it only means there is lower-hanging fruit for people to exploit.

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  • Tuur Demeester on IOTA Founder of Adamant Capital

    IOTA is a bad joke but still has a $4B market cap, 5x that of last summer. ICO market seems frothy still.

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  • Emin Gun Sirer on IOTA Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell

    IOTA has some promising ideas. Its community needs to learn to be better team players though.

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  • Mathias Groennebaek on IOTA Founder and CEO at Braveno

    IOTA is garbage.

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  • Peter Todd on IOTA Applied Cryptography Consultant

    IOTA is so batshit crazy they managed to turn a theoretical one-time-signature vulnerability into an actual, practical-to-exploit one.

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  • Gavin Andresen on IOTA Former lead developer of Bitcoin Core

    I like to think the markets will eventually abandon tech-train-wreck coins (like IOTA).

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  • Ari Paul on IOTA Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

    IOTA's primary pitch is to be infinitely scalable and free. This requires that users run nodes that validate transactions, and that these "users" can be things like a toaster to be applicable for IOT. Tangles use tiny amounts of PoW to validate and prevent spam. But . . . if the PoW required is so low that your toaster can do it, then it's also low enough that a bad actor can mess up the graph with cheap spam.

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