BitShares is a decentralized cryptocurrency built for financial smart contracts.

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Reviews for BitShares

  • Josh Olszewicz on BitShares Trader at Techemy Capital Ltd

    BTS offers much more than just a cryptocurrency, but has essentially collapsed under its own weight of complexity and lack of compelling use cases. BTS has lost much of its smart contract market share to Ethereum.

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  • Francis Pouliot on BitShares CEO of Satoshi Portal

    Typical of BitShares/Steemit: all the insiders make the money. It's a permissionsless pyramid scheme, the scientology of crypto. The higher you are on the ladder, influential, and the more familiar with obfuscated incentive patterns, the more rent you can covertly extract.

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  • Nic Carter on BitShares Partner at Castle Island VC and Co-founder of Coinmetrics

    Everyone with a brain saw the dynamics of [delegated proof of stake] and understood [the formation of cartels] would occur. We now have lots of good evidence from Steem, Lisk, Bitshares. DPoS is not a new form of governance, but a very old one ā€“ a feudal protection racket.

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  • Preston Byrne on BitShares Independent Consultant

    The high degree of collateralisation and attendant risks participation in the [Bitshares] ecosystem requires means that returns have to be astronomically high to justify such participation, levels of returns really only seen in very limited circumstances. Iā€™m forced to conclude that the only way BitShares makes sense is in the context of asset price speculation on the BitShares themselves.

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