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Larry Cermak

Larry Cermak is Director of Research and Analysis at The Block, a cryptocurrency and fintech publication. He formerly was Head of Analysis at Diar.

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  • Larry Cermak on Gemini Dollar Director of Research at The Block

    Pretty sure the [8.6% APY interest rate paid by Blockfi on GUSD] is subsidized by VC money. Not really sure how else they could be getting these rates...USDT and Dai could have around 10% but no one is using GUSD. And I’m not aware of any large lending markets that support GUSD.

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  • Larry Cermak on Decentraland Director of Research at The Block

    Civic, Golem, and Decentraland had less than $12,500 of volume combined on Coinbase in the last 24 hours. That's 0.007% of Coinbase's total volume.

    Coinbase, can you please remind me again why you continue to list this trash?

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  • Larry Cermak on XRP Director of Research at The Block

    If Ripple ever somehow makes it work as a payments company, it will be the equity holders that benefit and the XRP holders holding a massive bag. XRP is a revenue generating mechanism for Ripple, nothing else. Ripple has so far sold $1.2 billion in XRP—[the] majority of its revenue.

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