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Decentraland is a virtual, decentralized platform on Ethereum. Users can purchase plots of LAND, which are digital assets that you can use to build games, applications, and services.

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When we live in a predominantly virtual world, why won't scarce and coveted virtual land be worth more than physical plots?

2018-07-01 | Full Review


[Decentraland] has done plenty of LAND sales using MANA. [It's] among the most interesting projects in the space. People think itโ€™s VR but it also has huge real estate potential. This is just one of many projects that have proven themselves. Not hypothetical nor small.

2018-04-15 | Full Review


Iโ€™m betting that Decentraland is the killer app for VR. Virtual land ownership, in world currency (MANA) and ownership/trading of digital goods will deliver the missing ingredient to VR: greed & speculation. The ability to make money will draw the masses.

2018-03-17 | Full Review


Decentraland (and many other dApps) has a strong idea, tech, and [non-fungible] token (LAND), [but it has] questionable legal standing (ICO) and second [in-world currency] token (MANA)

2018-10-01 | Full Review


[D]ecentraland was a fail whale. It looks like they pre-sold the bulk of their token supply ahead of time then claimed it "sold out" in 30 seconds.

Jackson Palmer, Group Product Manager at Adobe and Creator of Dogecoin

2017-08-17 | Full Review

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