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Golem is a decentralized, global, supercomputer built on top of Ethereum. It allows users to loan and rent computer power to the network.

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I've been skeptical of GPU-based decentralized compute networks like Golem, Coronai, Hadron, GPU Coin, and Hypernet for a while. I've spent a lot of cycles on them, and I'm really torn. Of course, when you see the data this clearly, it suggests that "of course you should invest in the decentralized compute protocols" because that rate of growth for AI compute is simply staggering.

2018-05-21 | Full Review


[Golem] is a decentralized way of using your spare computing power in conjoined effort with any other member of the community to help massive projects otherwise impossible to accomplish. I like conservation in software.

John McAfee, Software developer, founder of McAfee, CEO of MGT Capital Investments Inc.

2018-05-10 | Full Review


Zeppelin/Smart Contract Solutions. Also reviewed Arcade City, Golem, etc. It's just scammers scamming scammers all the way down.

2017-01-09 | Full Review


Golem is Airbnb for your CPU :)

2016-12-18 | Full Review


Very few token projects are producing or even planning to produce cash flow for holders. But CF doesn't preclude a token from being a utility: Filecoin, Golem, Numerai, etc., are utilities that should be CF+. Instead, we've written off revenue generation . . . just like the dot-bombs.

2018-05-21 | Full Review


We're on the precipice of some major applications launching: Augur, Golem, MANA, CryptoKitties with $12m of funding, etc.

Without Plasma and Sharding, I expect fees to go through the roof on ETH. And if fees are too high from low value "spam," real usage will be crowded out.

2018-05-30 | Full Review

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