Litecoin is a cryptocurrency focused on fast transactions and low fees. Litecoin was forked from Bitcoin by Charlie Lee in 2011.

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Reviews for Litecoin

  • Vinny Lingham on Litecoin CEO of Civic Technologies

    Litecoin is just a Bitcoin testnet.

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  • Preston Byrne on Litecoin Independent Consultant

    Litecoin, a cryptocurrency nobody uses, is now comparable in notional value to the silver market.

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  • Donald McIntyre on Litecoin Founder of EtherPlan and Collaborator at ETCDEV

    "Success" in blockchains is not defined by more market cap, investors, developers or even users.

    Success is defined by trust minimization, preservation of integrity and strict protection of property and agreements.

    This is why BTC, LTC and ETC are the most successful blockchains.

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  • Dan McArdle on Litecoin Co-founder of Messari

    I think Bitcoin will scale to meet the demand for the types of uses that BTC is good for. And since LTC is a straight-up clone, there'll be no appropriate demand left over. There will certainly be demand for *other* uses, but unless LTC meaningfully differentiates, it won't benefit.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Litecoin Founder of Adamant Capital

    I originally saw [Litecoin] as a hedge against a particular Bitcoin panic; now it's just an altcoin with a reasonable amount of liquidity.

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  • Zooko Wilcox O'Hearn on Litecoin Founder and CEO of Zcash

    Litecoin is a great coin with a simple product design, excellent track record, and excellent distribution.

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  • Luke Dashjr on Litecoin Bitcoin Core Developer

    Litecoin and other scamcoins like it, on the other hand, do not bring anything new to the table.

    They are just mere clones that retain the pump-and-dump nature of Bitcoin, but without the innovation that makes Bitcoin viable as a currency.

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  • Saifedean Ammous on Litecoin Bitcoin Economist and Author of The Bitcoin Standard

    While I still believe Litecoin is just another pointless alt, I think Satoshi Lite genuinely believes it's digital silver and it helps BTC.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Litecoin Software Engineer, Facebook

    I have a positive impression of the Litecoin community, but I'm not optimistic about LTC's future.

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  • Francis Pouliot on Litecoin CEO of Satoshi Portal

    Litecoin's only real use case was to be an R&D project for reflecting on and benchmarking security of decentralized timestamps (e.g., OpenTimestamps project).

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