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Peter Todd is a cryptography consultant who works on scalability, security, and privacy. He's also a long time contributor to Bitcoin Core.

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Monero is a privacy focused, PoW cryptocurrency that enables untraceable transactions through ring signatures. Monero launched in 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin.

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    In theory, Zcash has better privacy than XMR; in practice, due to XMR's mandatory privacy, XMR is probably better overall but depends on what exactly you're doing and how.

    Zcash is cooler crypto; XMR is relatively boring. Of course, boring and working is what you want in money.

    2019-02-05 | Full Review


  • πŸ”‘

    Monero's a good project that has done many things right, and seems to be run by ethical people.

    2018-12-02 | Full Review

  • πŸ’©

    CT is just one of the things Monero has done; ring sigs are another.

    Both have trade-offs that Bitcoin doesn't have. For example, it'd be a lot harder to notice a technical failure that allowed inflation in Monero. There are also scalability issues.

    2018-07-25 | Full Review

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IOTA is so batshit crazy they managed to turn a theoretical one-time-signature vulnerability into an actual, practical-to-exploit one.

2018-03-12 | Full Review


"**Yes, the top 0.2% owns over 90% of the token’s total supply.** This is more than double BTC’s wealth concentration." (bolded in the article)

So? Tether is a tool to move USD around between exchanges. Why is it bad that a small number of exchanges mainly use this tool?

2018-02-09 | Full Review


Antibailout Ethereum Classic gets its first exchange support: …

Hopefully, other exchanges do the ethical thing, too.

2016-07-17 | Full Review

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Seems pretty reasonable to me that almost all PoW-GPU coins that aren't ETH are prone to being 51% attacked, at least until ETH moves to full PoS, at which point it's likely to become XMR I think (could be even sooner depending on FFG economics).

2018-05-24 | Full Review


Monero and BTC are the only two cryptocurrencies I've ever publicly recommended for investment. I'm a big fan of the XMR devs and the Monero ethos.

Ari Paul, Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

2018-05-17 | Full Review


I think that ASIC resistance is still incredibly unwise and that it worsens the ASIC centralization issue. (ASIC manufacturers have the incentive to mine with their ASICs until the parameters change, then sell them for use on forks)

2018-05-08 | Full Review

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