Monero is a privacy focused, PoW cryptocurrency that enables untraceable transactions through ring signatures. Monero launched in 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin.

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Reviews for Monero

  • Kyle Samani on Monero Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    Seems pretty reasonable to me that almost all PoW-GPU coins that aren't ETH are prone to being 51% attacked, at least until ETH moves to full PoS, at which point it's likely to become XMR I think (could be even sooner depending on FFG economics).

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  • Ari Paul on Monero Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

    Monero and BTC are the only two cryptocurrencies I've ever publicly recommended for investment. I'm a big fan of the XMR devs and the Monero ethos.

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  • Nic Carter on Monero Partner at Castle Island VC and Co-founder of Coinmetrics

    Monero is one of the few projects with a genuine community.

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  • Saifedean Ammous on Monero Bitcoin Economist and Author of The Bitcoin Standard

    Monero is so centralized and editable [that] its devs can clandestinely plan surprise hard forks without miner manufacturers finding out. Good luck having that kind of shitcoin sustain any kind of government attack. . . . Anonymity is not a switch you can flick on.

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  • Pieter Wuille on Monero Blockstream co-founder

    All privacy technology comes with a cost, and unfortunately, Monero (and Zcash) style transactions have a very significant impact on scalability (spent coins db).

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  • Nick Tomaino on Monero Founder at 1confirmation

    Monero (symbol XMR) is the current leader of the privacy-focused digital currencies.

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  • Zooko Wilcox O'Hearn on Monero Founder and CEO of Zcash

    Good progress on more space-efficient range proofs in Monero:
    Bulletproofs will also hopefully lead to other improvements in Monero and elsewhere.

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  • Tony Arcieri on Monero President of iqlusion inc

    22 days until Monero has Ed25519 bulletproofs. But the real question is, how many days until a critical vulnerability arising from the naive repurposing of Ed25519 β€œref10” arithmetic is discovered?

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