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Riccardo Spagni is the lead maintainer at Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. He's also the CEO of Globee, a cryptocurrency payment provider.

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BAT is a decentralized ad platform designed for the Brave Browser. It monetizes human attention within the Brave Platform.

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Basic Attention Token reviews by Riccardo Spagni

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    The BAT ToS let’s them steal “unclaimed” tokens after 90 days, but they can also use “Sybil attack investigation” and KYC/AML excuses to prevent you from claiming your coins for 90 days. They’re basically the mafia.

    2018-11-22 | Full Review

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    BAT doesn’t need a blockchain at all, they’re entirely centralised and could be custodial of it.

    2018-11-04 | Full Review

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I’m supportive of Decred’s efforts to add privacy, because there are actual development chops there, and Decred doesn’t appear overly scammy.

2018-03-31 | Full Review


I feel for any dentist suckered into this.

2017-10-14 | Full Review


Zeppelin/Smart Contract Solutions. Also reviewed Arcade City, Golem, etc. It's just scammers scamming scammers all the way down.

2017-01-09 | Full Review

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A coin that gets created as a result of human time spent on browsing would be great. Worth taking a look at the Basic Attention Token, which requires browser support, but does essentially this.

2018-02-24 | Full Review

Basic Attention Token ($BAT) is probably the only token with a plausible market and platform right now. Brave is doing fantastic work

Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures and Co-creator of Coinmetrics

2017-07-04 | Full Review

Most of today’s Internet is built on an economic model (advertising) that is inimical to the rights and the mental resources of the users, and that exerts a corrosive influence on our society’s economy and our political discourse. BAT is an audacious attempt to disrupt that entire economic basis and replace it with something better.

2017-05-29 | Full Review

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