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Basic Attention Token

BAT is a decentralized ad platform designed for the Brave Browser. It monetizes human attention within the Brave Platform.

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A coin that gets created as a result of human time spent on browsing would be great. Worth taking a look at the Basic Attention Token, which requires browser support, but does essentially this.

2018-02-24 | Full Review


Basic Attention Token ($BAT) is probably the only token with a plausible market and platform right now. Brave is doing fantastic work

Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures and Co-creator of Coinmetrics

2017-07-04 | Full Review


Most of today’s Internet is built on an economic model (advertising) that is inimical to the rights and the mental resources of the users, and that exerts a corrosive influence on our society’s economy and our political discourse. BAT is an audacious attempt to disrupt that entire economic basis and replace it with something better.

2017-05-29 | Full Review


The power of Brave's Basic Attention Token is it incentivizes users to disable ad-blocking & consent to advertising

2017-03-23 | Full Review


The Basic Attention Token puts a dollar value, however imprecise, on a unit of your attention.

2017-08-18 | Full Review


Brave has brought tremendous validation to the space with the Basic Attention Token, a great product and many users.

2017-06-17 | Full Review


I just had a :wow: product moment in crypto (this is rare). Finally got around to downloading the Brave browser -- not having ads is a bit surreal. I'm excited to see Basic Attention Token rolled out broadly.

2018-01-29 | Full Review


If we nail the "microtransaction" part that alone will give users freedom to transfer value instantly and also freedom to control their data (via Basic Attention Token). I'd be sold instantly.

2018-02-04 | Full Review


This industry is entirely morally bankrupt. We have to call a spade a spade. BAT is one of the most obvious ponzi schemes I've ever seen. They raised $36M from investors, they claim it is donations, yet the "donation receipts" are traded.

2018-09-04 | Full Review


The BAT ToS let’s them steal “unclaimed” tokens after 90 days, but they can also use “Sybil attack investigation” and KYC/AML excuses to prevent you from claiming your coins for 90 days. They’re basically the mafia.

2018-11-22 | Full Review


The most hilarious part of this Brave/BAT drama is the company admitting that the BAT rewards protocol does not utilize a decentralized ledger and that regarding reward/tipping data, "all can be erased".

Jackson Palmer, Group Product Manager at Adobe and Creator of Dogecoin

2018-12-22 | Full Review

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