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Riccardo Spagni

Riccardo Spagni is the lead maintainer at Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. He's also the CEO of Globee, a cryptocurrency payment provider.

Reviews by Riccardo Spagni

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I’m supportive of Decred’s efforts to add privacy, because there are actual development chops there, and Decred doesn’t appear overly scammy.

2018-03-31 | Full Review


I feel for any dentist suckered into this.

2017-10-14 | Full Review


Zeppelin / Smart Contract Solutions. Also reviewed Arcade City, Golem, etc. It's just scammers scamming scammers all the way down.

2017-01-09 | Full Review


So much for Verge $XVG and their IP address privacy, someone's publishing originating IP addresses for Verge transactions (not just general node IP addresses). Considering that IP address obfuscation is their single privacy claim, looks like they're toast.

2018-01-01 | Full Review


Most countries have bank secrecy laws, and access to your account even within a bank is privileged and logged. Dash, on the other hand, exposes information publicly to anyone running a node.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


The condition under which criticism makes sense is simple: someone responsible for 50% of the operating ZCash nodes received $0 a month from the founder's reward, and someone responsible for a great many drunken Tweets and awful ideas receives $300k a month.

2018-07-22 | Full Review


Ethereum is an idiotic, unscalable idea that has neither delivered on its “world computer” promise, nor created any useful decentralised apps with any real use, nor created a robust and scalable decentralised system.

2018-11-03 | Full Review

BAT doesn’t need a blockchain at all, they’re entirely centralised and could be custodial of it.

2018-11-04 | Full Review