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Riccardo Spagni

Riccardo Spagni is the lead maintainer at Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. He's also the CEO of Globee, a cryptocurrency payment provider.


Grin is a privacy focused cryptocurrency that implements the MimbleWimble protocol.

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  • 2019
  • Riccardo Spagni on Grin Lead Maintainer at Monero

    [Mimblewimble] is amazing, which is why weโ€™re building a Monero sidechain on it. Grin is excellent, and itโ€™s doing great things that Iโ€™m personally quite excited about.

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  • 2018
  • Riccardo Spagni on Grin Lead Maintainer at Monero

    I love the Grin developers and fully applaud what theyโ€™re doing, but letโ€™s not overstate claims as to privacy. MWs primary goal is scalability, not non-interactive privacy.

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