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Simon de la Rouviere is an engineer at ConsenSys, the venture production studio for Ethereum.


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Dogecoin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013. Featuring a dog as it's logo, Dogecoin was intended to be a joke currency that could reach a broader audience than Bitcoin.


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    Medium-of-exchange tokens work when their signaling value is higher than the cost to implement it. There's always value in this collectible aspect of it. See: Dogecoin.

    2018-06-03 | Full Review


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    A feature of money is its network effect: being a medium of exchange. IF an altcoin is just being speculated, it kick-starts its network effect, improving its “improvement delta” beyond its technical merits. Once it reaches escape velocity (people coming on board due to a lot of people already being on board, like Litecoin), it’s in the clear. Being in the right place at the right time is often enough.

    Looking at Dogecoin, a clear jokecoin (or memecoin), its added social features are the backing of a massive meme AND the fact that people see it as a joke/lighthearted . . . which might be enough to kick-start its network effect into escape velocity.

    I won’t be surprised if Dogecoin becomes a top 10 coin.

    2013-12-14 | Full Review

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Bitcoin transaction fees are quickly becoming too expensive for micro-transactions to remain feasible.

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Bitcoin (originally) wasn’t designed to work with micro-transactions. However, if Bitcoin is supposed to become the next big thing, it has to adapt to work with this. When the blockchain size can be drastically reduced (which is in dev), 'spammy’ transactions impact on the network can be decreased. If it is to deal with the internet’s exchange and transactions it will have to adapt to work around this.

2013-03-29 | Full Review

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Dogecoin gave a more relatable and funny face to crypto, and that augmented awareness for Doge and crypto in general. It also helped explain what the hell this stuff is. It was all over the media at the time.

Donald McIntyre, Co-Founder of Global Financial Access and Business Development at ETCDEV

2018-06-27 | Full Review


Many [altcoins] have a massive lack of credibility. E.g., Dogecoin: joke coin, abandoned by its founder, zero development, market cap of +$1bn.

2018-01-02 | Full Review


Dogecoin is merge-mined, so the marginal cost to attack it is zero; attacking Monero is much more expensive than that.

2018-05-30 | Full Review

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