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Simon de la Rouviere

Simon de la Rouviere is an engineer at ConsenSys, the venture production studio for Ethereum.


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Medium-of-exchange tokens work when their signaling value is higher than the cost to implement it. There's always value in this collectible aspect of it. See: Dogecoin.

2018-06-03 | Full Review


Bitcoin transaction fees are quickly becoming too expensive for micro-transactions to remain feasible.

. . .

Bitcoin (originally) wasn’t designed to work with micro-transactions. However, if Bitcoin is supposed to become the next big thing, it has to adapt to work with this. When the blockchain size can be drastically reduced (which is in dev), 'spammy’ transactions impact on the network can be decreased. If it is to deal with the internet’s exchange and transactions it will have to adapt to work around this.

2013-03-29 | Full Review

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