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photo of cryptocurrency expert Simon de la Rouviere
Simon de la Rouviere

Engineer of Societies at ConsenSys

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Jordan Leigh

Software Engineer at ConsenSys

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Joseph Lubin

Founder of ConsenSys

photo of cryptocurrency expert Ryan Selkis
Ryan Selkis

Founder and CEO at Messari

Reviews by ConsenSys people

๐Ÿ”‘ 9 positive | ๐Ÿ’ฉ 8 negative


But the company is managing a โ€œbridge currencyโ€ [XRP] that they package to retail investors who buy on the assumption that they are front-running big bank purchasers.

2018-04-05 | Full Review


NEO's "Ethereum but China" pitch reminds me of Litecoin's "Bitcoin but Scrypt" pitch in 2013. A long, dark winter followed.

2017-08-13 | Full Review


Super bullish on tokens that must be staked as part of ML tournaments, like proof-of-human-work. Aside from Numerai, who's doing it well?

2017-09-12 | Full Review

Seriously, what the fuck is NEM? I'm grabbing a beer.

2017-05-18 | Full Review


0x just keeps shipping. One of the best in the industry at keeping the blinders on and building.

2018-05-16 | Full Review


Medium-of-exchange tokens work when their signaling value is higher than the cost to implement it. There's always value in this collectible aspect of it. See: Dogecoin.

2018-06-03 | Full Review


Very few token projects are producing or even planning to produce cash flow for holders. But CF doesn't preclude a token from being a utility: Filecoin, Golem, Numerai, etc., are utilities that should be CF+. Instead, we've written off revenue generation . . . just like the dot-bombs.

2018-05-21 | Full Review


The more I'm reading and talking to people, the higher probability I assign to BCH beating BTC. Still an underdog, but I'm not convinced my assumptions about BTC having the economic majority are still correct.

2017-11-15 | Full Review


Most of my concerns with BTC since 2013 have been around fungibility.

No one seems to care about the increasing sophistication of Bitcoin surveillance tools. The lack of attention there is why I'm overweight XMR.

2018-11-15 | Full Review


Full nodes on the Bitcoin blockchain store every transaction made going back to the zero block; full nodes on the Ethereum blockchain additionally store the static code (if any) associated with a given account and that codeโ€™s current state in storage.

2016-01-06 | Full Review


Gnosis isn't just an app, it's an entire ecosystem that touches the protocol, service, and application layers.

2017-04-07 | Full Review


Dai survived one of its most significant tests in 2018. โ€œCan Dai survive a market crash?โ€ Asked and answered. Dai survived the 94% drawdown in ETH, and the move from a single-collateral to multi-collateral model should accelerate its adoption in 2019.

2019-01-14 | Full Review


EOS will surpass ETH. EOS could surpass ETH in DApp activity; as serenity delays continue, developer mindshare will wander; EOS smart contracts use C++ and compile into WebAssembly (better dev experience); on-chain governance works in EOS [and] isnโ€™t close in ETH.

2019-01-14 | Full Review


Zcash and Decred are both interesting alt-coins, but what's to stop Ethereum from just copying their innovations?

[It's] similar to how big companies incorporate the best ideas from startups into their products all the time in other verticals. Bitcoin can't copy/steal good ideas bc of technical limitations and governance issues, but what's to stop Ethereum from doing it exactly?

2017-03-13 | Full Review


Stripe was so great because it was way simpler than PayPal for developers to integrate, but Ethereum is simpler than Stripe even.

If you want your hackathon project to take payments, Ether is simpler than dealing with credit cards, PCI compliance, charge-backs, etc.

2017-02-28 | Full Review


Bitcoin transaction fees are quickly becoming too expensive for micro-transactions to remain feasible.

. . .

Bitcoin (originally) wasnโ€™t designed to work with micro-transactions. However, if Bitcoin is supposed to become the next big thing, it has to adapt to work with this. When the blockchain size can be drastically reduced (which is in dev), 'spammyโ€™ transactions impact on the network can be decreased. If it is to deal with the internetโ€™s exchange and transactions it will have to adapt to work around this.

2013-03-29 | Full Review