Dharma is an open-source lending and savings account built on Compound. It allows you to deposit, earn interest, and withdraw your funds.

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  • Larry Cermak on Dharma Director of Research at The Block

    What’s up with Dharma? No loans in the last week and very little public activity. On top of that, no one knows what’s going on since the code is closed source.

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  • Linda Xie on Dharma Co-founder and Managing Director at Scalar Capital

    I worked closely with Nadav Hollander at Coinbase and it's been awesome getting to watch the amazing work that he & [the] Dharma team are doing making borrowing/lending crypto easy. We need more products that abstract away the confusing crypto aspects.

    I created my first loan offer on Dharma Lever and it's as smooth of a process as it looks in the [marketing] GIF.

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  • Jeff Garzik on Dharma Founder and CEO of Bloq

    The DeFi experiment: Sell $10k ETH for DAI, then earn 14% APR interest on DAI.

    Results so far:
    - Dharma worked great, and matched my DAI with borrowers.
    - Missed Ethereum run-up; hodling would have been more profitable.
    - Net-net: Downside risk capped; upside also capped.

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