OmiseGo is a protocol for enabling digital wallets and peer-to-peer exchange on the Ethereum network.

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Reviews for OmiseGo

  • Mathias Groennebaek on OmiseGo Founder and CEO at Braveno

    The whole premise the OmiseGo decentralized exchange is built on is flawed. You can't have an efficient market without execution guarantees. Plasma relies on bonding, fraud proofs, and penalizing, which only provides execution guarantee under the assumption of no bad actors.

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  • Vitalik Buterin on OmiseGo Creator of Ethereum

    Right now my favorite token model is OMG-style staking tokens. Reasons:

    - Not a medium-of-exchange token
    - Clear valuation model (expected discounted future transaction fees minus the node operation cost)
    - Requires running a node to get returns, not passive income (so more legally defensible)

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  • Kyle Samani on OmiseGo Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    OmiseGo's penetration is tiny on a global basis, a round error really. If you think on a global scale, their lead is not significant.

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