Stellar is a cryptocurrency founded in early 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. Stellar is a fork of XRP that is focused on connecting banks, payment systems, and people.

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Reviews for Stellar

  • David Schwartz on Stellar Chief Technology Officer at Ripple Labs

    Stellar didn't understand most of the Ripple tech they took. Their ledger forked when they violated the constraints of the consensus protocol.

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  • Sizhao Yang on Stellar Crypto Investor

    [Stellar's] perspective is serving smart assets and decentralized exchanges. They've spent more time on the layers of the settlement, leading to a fast and diverse set of financial applications that can be built on top of XLM.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Stellar Software Engineer, Facebook

    The biggest competitors for LTC and BCH? Stellar and RaiBlocks. These coins were architected for payments that provide low / zero fees, high throughput, and fast confirmation. They provide these solutions today, and there are no hidden tricks like subsidizing transactions.

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  • Mathias Groennebaek on Stellar Founder and CEO at Braveno

    It is all a trap for retail investors to get robbed.

    Stellar is there because Stellar and Ripple are equally Ponzi schemes. Stellar is a Ripple fork started by Jed McCaleb, the guy who started Mt. Gox. Jed is the king of getting hacked and disappearing with the money.

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  • Larry Sukernik on Stellar Investments at Digital Currency Group

    I reread this piece from late 2015 on the Stellar / Ripple drama. The fact that both companies are alive and well today took me by surprise.

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  • Emin Gun Sirer on Stellar Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell

    Stellar seems designed for value transfer. It's not the architecture I'd use for data-intensive supply chain applications.

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  • Ari Nazir on Stellar Managing Partner at Neural Capital

    Stellar and its tech will continue to be one of the most successful crypto-related endeavors.

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  • Eric Meltzer on Stellar Partner at INB

    Other things I am excited about: MobileCoin is quietly rearchitecting the Stellar Consensus Protocol to have strong privacy guarantees....

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  • Francis Pouliot on Stellar CEO of Satoshi Portal

    The Stellar platform itself doesn't "suck" in the same way that the Ripple platform itself doesn't suck.

    What sucks is that they decided to create a useless and worthless utility token for their financing instead and forced it on Stellar users instead of just tech.

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