Bancor is a protocol that allows users to exchange tokens without requiring a counterparty.

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Reviews for Bancor

  • Mathias Groennebaek on Bancor Founder and CEO at Braveno

    Bancor is all the risk of a centralized exchange, with none of the benefits like instant multilateral execution, and settlement guarantees. The worst of both worlds.

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  • Charlie Lee on Bancor Creator of Litecoin

    A Bancor wallet got hacked and that wallet has the ability to steal coins out of their own smart contracts. 🤦‍♂️

    An exchange is not decentralized if it can lose customer funds OR if it can freeze customer funds. Bancor can do BOTH. It's a false sense of decentralization.

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  • Emin Gun Sirer on Bancor Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell

    Bancor can be gamed by miners, and, even if the miners are naive or benevolent, will always trail the real market. It provides no efficiency guarantee during this discovery process, and will likely waste its reserves on market price discovery. You should think twice before you layer a coin on top of Bancor.

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  • Kyle Samani on Bancor Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    Bancor is objectively worse than all other market makers. If asset already has liquidity, it's not necessary. If asset doesn't have liquidity, then why are they inventing a pity based liquidity provider? Bancor breaks capitalism IMO and is total nonsense.

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  • William Mougayar on Bancor Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at JM3 Capital

    Bancor's scheme is odd, arguably flawed & certainly convoluted, posing a dependency risk on ETH. Their propaganda tone is just that.

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  • Charlie Shrem on Bancor Founder of CryptoIQ

    So the Bancor can freeze accounts, create new tokens and block transfers. Why do they need a Blockchain again?

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