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Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian software developer. He co-founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2011, and wrote the initial Ethereum whitepaper in 2013.


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Now, the latest scandal in DPOS land seems to be substantially worse. Because the delegate rewards in EOS are now so high (5% annual inflation, about $400m per year), the competition on who gets to run nodes has essentially become yet another frontier of US-China geopolitical economic warfare.....The EOS New York community’s response seems to be that they have issued a strongly worded letter to the world stating that buying votes will be against the constitution.

2018-03-28 | Full Review


Synthetic assets have existed for a long time and it's clear that they work, modulo the tradeoff between tail risk and capital inefficiency. That's all stablecoins are....DAI is about getting exposure to the dollar without holding it.

2018-04-21 | Full Review


Golem is airbnb for your CPU :)

2016-12-18 | Full Review

I'm fine with ETC existing, I'm just saying that I'm not interested in putting my own effort toward it

2016-08-05 | Full Review

I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name. I consider bitcoin's *failure* to raise block sizes to keep fees reasonable to be a large (non-consensual) change to the "original plan", morally tantamount to a hard fork.

2017-11-13 | Full Review


I'm trying to understand how Praos accomplishes semi-synchronous consensus....However, even in this case, you're getting semi-synchronous chain growth, not semi-synchronous safety, as if there is a situation where a node accepts a block as finalized, and then network latency suddenly increases sharply (eg. it keeps rising exponentially), then an attacker chain could outgrow it. So it's not quite the same thing that you can get with traditional BFT-inspired algorithms...

2018-07-29 | Full Review


If I was doing anything seriously privacy-demanding I'd probably go for Zcash first.

2018-05-07 | Full Review


If you want full crypto-decentralization, DAI still exists and works great.

2018-10-23 | Full Review

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