Ravencoin is a fork of the Bitcoin codebase that adds the ability for tokens to be issued on the Ravencoin protocol.

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Reviews for Ravencoin

  • Noah Ruderman on Ravencoin Software Engineer, Facebook

    Ravencoin should not exist. Doesn't need to be a coin and probably not great at stopping ASIC development. $150m market cap is absurd.

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  • Lawson Baker on Ravencoin Head of Project Zero at TokenSoft

    Ravencoin is an interesting project to watch. Developers are definitely trying to use PoW but limit miner power with alternating hashing algorithms and a desire to fork to algorithms if the current setup is exploited.

    They have some interesting ideas, but I wonder how much a miner would be willing to invest with this seemingly adverse stance.

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  • Ari Paul on Ravencoin Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

    Polymath, Harbor, Ravencoin, Twerk, Templum, [are] among at least a few dozen early attempts [at creating programmable securities]. Regulations slow this down, and there’s no value until network effects are bootstrapped.

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  • Luke Dashjr on Ravencoin Bitcoin Core Developer

    ASIC-resistant [like Ravencoin's attempt] is stupid. It just gives a bigger advantage to whoever does it first.

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