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Ravencoin is a fork of the Bitcoin codebase that adds the ability for tokens to be issued on the Ravencoin protocol.

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Reviews for Ravencoin

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Ravencoin should not exist. Doesn't need to be a coin and probably not great at stopping ASIC development. $150m market cap is absurd.

2018-03-14 | Full Review


Ravencoin is an interesting project to watch. Developers are definitely trying to use PoW but limit miner power with alternating hashing algorithms and a desire to fork to algorithms if the current setup is exploited.

They have some interesting ideas, but I wonder how much a miner would be willing to invest with this seemingly adverse stance.

2018-04-04 | Full Review


Polymath, Harbor, Ravencoin, Twerk, Templum, [are] among at least a few dozen early attempts [at creating programmable securities]. Regulations slow this down, and there’s no value until network effects are bootstrapped.

Ari Paul, Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

2018-10-25 | Full Review


ASIC-resistant [like Ravencoin's attempt] is stupid. It just gives a bigger advantage to whoever does it first.

2018-05-18 | Full Review