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Luke Dashjr

Luke Dashjr has been a Bitcoin Core Developer since 2011. He contributes to the Bitcoin wallet codebase, and maintains the stable bitcoind branches as well as BFGMiner.

Bitcoin Core

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Litecoin and other scamcoins like it, on the other hand, do not bring anything new to the table.

They are just mere clones that retain the pump-and-dump nature of Bitcoin, but without the innovation that makes Bitcoin viable as a currency.

2013-12-02 | Full Review


BCH has nothing to do with Bitcoin

2018-07-02 | Full Review


[Bitcoin Gold] is an altcoin not a hard fork.

Hard forks are when an existing system changes (in a non-backwards compatible way). New systems are just altcoins, never hardforks.

The part that confuses people is that if you attempt a hardfork without consensus, you end up with an altcoin instead.

2018-02-25 | Full Review


ASIC-resistant [like Ravencoin's attempt] is stupid. It just gives a bigger advantage to whoever does it first.

2018-05-18 | Full Review

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