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Noah Ruderman is an engineer at Facebook and also is an advisor for Storecoin.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Stellar Software Engineer, Facebook

    The biggest competitors for LTC and BCH? Stellar and RaiBlocks. These coins were architected for payments that provide low / zero fees, high throughput, and fast confirmation. They provide these solutions today, and there are no hidden tricks like subsidizing transactions.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Litecoin Software Engineer, Facebook

    I have a positive impression of the Litecoin community, but I'm not optimistic about LTC's future.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Nano Software Engineer, Facebook

    Nano is looking to be for cheap, simple payments. It's not trying to be maximally decentralized like Bitcoin. It's arguable that, even if only data centers ran historical nodes, Nano would be less centralized than BTC, whose hash power is controlled by only a few pools.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Zcash Software Engineer, Facebook

    One of the worst PR moves #zcash ever made was to publicly discount projects with similar goals, repeatedly, when their technology was too early to practically provide their core value prop (privacy). It gives the impression that they are in this for the wrong reasons.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Dash Software Engineer, Facebook

    Everything that Dash provides can be built as an application on top of Bitcoin. Never needed to be baked into the blockchain. IMO it was a premature engineering decision.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Verge Software Engineer, Facebook

    There are ways to be so unproductive it's better not to contribute. Privacy is like medicine or building bridges: someone can get hurt if you do it wrong or mislead.

    Trust me, Verge is not helping anybody but themselves.

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  • Noah Ruderman on IOTA Software Engineer, Facebook

    IOTA, made by the same geniuses who rolled their own cryptography without peer review, harassed the cryptographers who found the vulnerability, and tried to cover it all up with increasingly absurd excuses.

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  • Noah Ruderman on PIVX Software Engineer, Facebook

    I think PIVX is better [than Zcoin] for Zerocoin implementation. It uses the same libraries, but with Proof-of-Stake. But industrial-strength privacy is still Zcash and Monero.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Bitcoin Cash Software Engineer, Facebook

    Bitcoin Cash is like the dysfunctional, bizarro version of Bitcoin.
    - A known fraud is the figurehead
    - The intended form of protocol governance is by miners
    - Their primary form of outreach is propaganda / brand confusion
    - Their origin story is literally a conspiracy theory

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  • Noah Ruderman on Bitcoin Gold Software Engineer, Facebook

    Bitcoin Gold has some of the most irresponsible/incompetent developers in all of crypto. They delegated the security entirely to 3rd party wallets, some of which stole millions and others with a history of selective scamming. They never fixed this and have no plans to.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Civic Software Engineer, Facebook

    I'm really curious to see how the "utility tokens" turn out. I suspect they'll be pennies on the dollar. The tokens of CVC, for example, are gift cards for using the service. I don't think there will be enough business generated to justify $223M market cap.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Ravencoin Software Engineer, Facebook

    Ravencoin should not exist. Doesn't need to be a coin and probably not great at stopping ASIC development. $150m market cap is absurd.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Zcoin Software Engineer, Facebook

    In regards to privacy, XMR, ZEC and GRIN are the only good options. Zcoin protocol may be ok in narrow circumstances, but some privacy isn't much better than no privacy in general. The common theme is the use of zero knowledge cryptography.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Ethereum Software Engineer, Facebook

    Ethereum would have been better off supporting applications that were banned from web 2.0 rather than trying to be "web 3.0."

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  • Noah Ruderman on 0x Software Engineer, Facebook

    0x, one of the most popular dex protocols, has collected only $2000 in lifetime transaction fees despite having a market cap of $160M. The token is also not necessary for the protocol to function and will likely be forked out by major relayers.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Augur Software Engineer, Facebook

    Augur, the most popular prediction market, has only $40k staked in predictions yet has a $170M market cap

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  • Noah Ruderman on Steem Software Engineer, Facebook

    Steem popularity was explicitly monetized, so every person tried to maximize their measured popularity (by votes) rather than their brand, network, or actual popularity like in other social media.

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  • Noah Ruderman on Monero Software Engineer, Facebook

    XMR has product market fit. Darknet markets, ransomware. Privacy in general.

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  • Noah Ruderman on XRP Software Engineer, Facebook

    Bitcoin: Be your own bank.
    Monero / ZCash: Be your own Swiss bank.
    Ripple: Traditional banking.

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