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Lawson Baker is the Head of Project Zero at TokenSoft, a token sale platform for performing secure and compliant token sales.

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XRP is a security. Ripple is the issuer. Brad Garlinghouse, Chris Larsen, and other Ripple executives are subject to the anti-fraud laws under SEC jurisdiction.

2018-04-04 | Full Review


Governance is hard. See the EOS (on-chain governance) low retail voter turnout for electing the Block Producers and the Zcash Foundation Community Governance Process (off-chain governance meets social signaling).

Currently, around 5% of EOS holders have staked tokens to vote for the Block Producers. 15% is needed.

The EOS low voter turnout is a result of low retail participation and centralization of the initial investors.

2018-06-12 | Full Review


[S]tablecoins represent a simpler product to audit [versus banks]. However, these organizations (i.e., exchanges) are very complex. TUSD (i.e., trust company and development/issuer company are separate) is likely a safer approach than the exchange company and development/issuer company being combined.

2018-09-10 | Full Review


Tether’s withdrawal fees smell like shit. Absolute shit.

Can anyone name a single financial service with a withdrawal fee that increases in size as a percentage as the size of the withdrawal increases?

2018-11-27 | Full Review

Tokenizing most co. equity will look like PDF'ing a newspaper to put it online in the long term. Tokenizing rights to future income cash-flow is the only real use case. BNB is a half-step in the correct direction. Full step requires on-chain cash-flow plus smart contracts.

2018-06-05 | Full Review


Ravencoin is an interesting project to watch. Developers are definitely trying to use PoW but limit miner power with alternating hashing algorithms and a desire to fork to algorithms if the current setup is exploited.

They have some interesting ideas, but I wonder how much a miner would be willing to invest with this seemingly adverse stance.

2018-04-04 | Full Review


Let's face it.

Zcash was an experiment may be way too early for the underlying technology.

No one uses $ZEC for privacy b/c it was too complicated to enable privacy at launch.

Privacy by default is the only way forward but not sure Zcash's current setup can enable.

2019-09-10 | Full Review

Telegram has 200M users and no longer have the same startup and founder risks found in every new ICO project. Now with over $1B in funding they have the capital to copy + paste the best OSS ideas into GRAMS.

2018-04-30 | Full Review