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Adam Ludwin is the CEO of Interstellar. He previously co-founded Chain and was a venture partner at RRE Ventures.

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  • Adam Ludwin on Bitcoin CEO of Interstellar

    [W]hat *are* people buying with Bitcoin that dwarfs its use in traditional e-commerce and on the dark web? Remarkably, the answer is something that DIDN’T EVEN EXIST when the Bitcoin paper was published and ONLY EXISTS NOW *because* it was published.

    The answer is that, so far, the primary “commerce” use case emerging for Bitcoin is to buy *other digital assets*.

    In just the last couple years, billions of dollars in purchases of digital assets have been made with Bitcoin (and Ethereum). . . . Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem has giving rise to an emergent “commerce” use case that no one, including Satoshi, could have predicted.

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  • Adam Ludwin on Stellar CEO of Interstellar

    Stellar is designed specifically for tokenizing assets, which anyone can do by being an anchor on the network. It has a built-in order book for decentralized asset exchange. Its consensus model, SCP, strikes the right balance between decentralization and trust.

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