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Arianna Simpson is a managing director of Autonomous Partners, an investment fund focused on crypto assets, and she's a venture partner at Crystal Towers Capital. She previously served as a product manager at BitGo and as a marketer at Facebook.

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  • Arianna Simpson on Ethereum Managing Director of Autonomous Partners

    Ethereum is sucking the wind out of every other coin's sales.

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  • Arianna Simpson on Bitcoin Managing Director of Autonomous Partners

    The more new chains launch with massive issues (including some with huge budgets) the more impressive it is that bitcoin has never had any similar catastrophes, over a much longer period.

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  • Arianna Simpson on Numerai Managing Director of Autonomous Partners

    Earlier this month, Numerai announced Erasure Quant. I think it has the potential to meaningfully impact how hedge funds work, so it's worth highlighting:

    Quant is the first dapp built on Erasure (Numerai's protocol), which will launch later this year. The basic idea is simple: it's a stock picking tournament that allows you to make provable point-in-time stock predictions.

    The fact that these are provable (meaning you can demonstrate you made the prediction in advance) is new. This is fucking rad! There is currently no good way to do this.....On that note, Erasure is just the first of many dapps that can be built on Erasure ––and while Numerai has its own hedge fund that will trade based on these signals, eventually this will become an open market for data and predictions.

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