Numerai is a crowd-sourced hedge fund based around AI. The Numeraire token is used to reward data scientists who submit accurate predictions to Numerai.

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Reviews for Numerai

  • Emin Gun Sirer on Numerai Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell

    I've yet to see a clever application of AI and blockchains, save for Numerai.

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  • Nic Carter on Numerai Partner at Castle Island VC and Co-founder of Coinmetrics

    Numerai is probably the only example of tokens in a tokenized network being used as a bootstrap mechanism. It's amazing what you can do when you optimize for growth and not short-term enrichment.

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  • Chris Burniske on Numerai Partner at Placeholder Ventures

    Numerai uses price signaling as an input and machine learning to determine the output of a resource allocation machine that could run the 🌎.

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  • Ryan Zurrer on Numerai Principal and Venture Partner at Polychain Capital

    You can't buy Numeraire. It must be earned. Numerai via "Proof of Intelligence." First token with intellectual premium.

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  • Fred Wilson on Numerai VC at Union Square Ventures

    Late last year, USV invested in Numerai, a hedge fund that uses data scientists all around the world to β€œcrowdsource” stock price predictions. I blogged a bit about Numerai then.

    If that business model wasn’t cutting-edge enough for you, the Numerai team has now gone a step further and issued a crypto-token called Numeraire to incent these data scientists to work together to build the best models instead of just competing with each other.

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  • Andy Weissman on Numerai Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures

    At scale, Numerai’s fund is exposed to every model and a diversified portfolio without the risk of relying on a single and imperfect model.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Numerai Founder and CEO at Messari

    Super bullish on tokens that must be staked as part of ML tournaments, like proof-of-human-work. Aside from Numerai, who's doing it well?

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  • Larry Sukernik on Numerai Investments at Digital Currency Group

    What Numerai is doing is extremely exciting. A data science hedge fund with open, encrypted data.

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  • Meltem Demirors on Numerai Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares

    Numerai could drive a market for Bitcoin - pretty compelling use case.

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  • Brad Mills on Numerai Analyst at Alphabit Digital Currency Fund

    I have been following Numerai since last year as well. I just don't see what makes NMR worth 1 billion when Numerai is so small.

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