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Jameson Lopp is an infrastructure engineer at Casa, a company that provides personal key management for cryptocurrencies. He was previously a software engineer at BitGo.

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  • Jameson Lopp on NEO Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    And yet NEO still maintains an ~$8B valuation despite proof that it's not even fault tolerant to a single consensus node failing, much less tolerant to Byzantine actors... not sure if the market is irrational or just ignorant.

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  • Jameson Lopp on New Economy Movement Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    I've never heard a single person talk about NEM. I'm extremely skeptical that it's actually valued at a billion dollars.

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  • Jameson Lopp on Ethereum Classic Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    Ethereum Classic has <1% of Ethereum Project's hashing power, and, while there are plenty of sellers, no one's buying.

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  • Jameson Lopp on IOTA Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    IOTA is amazingly bad. I find it hard to believe it's valued at billions of dollars. I guess they have great marketing or something. I never got into it because I looked at their Java reference implementation and found it to be a mess.

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  • Jameson Lopp on Bitcoin Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    When humans change the way we think about the world we are able to invent more powerful types of organizations. Bitcoin is a breakthrough in self organization - now the rest of the world just needs to update its mental models to take advantage of it.

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  • Jameson Lopp on Dogecoin Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    I laughed when I initially heard about Dogecoin, but the Dogecoin community has done more in a month than Litecoin has in years. Impressive.

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  • Jameson Lopp on Beam Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    If you're interested in cutting edge cypherpunk protocols you should be keeping an eye on Grin and Beam. . . If the tech works then it ought to be a pretty good way to make private payments.

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  • Jameson Lopp on Libra Infrastructure Engineer at Casa

    Libra sounds fairly well designed as a permissioned system, but it is facing quite a few long-term challenges. Oh, and it's not a blockchain.

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