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Jake Brukhman

Jake Brukhman is the co-founder of Coinfund, a blockchain research company. He formerly worked as CTO of Triton Research.

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If we assume an exponential growth in user base, our model shows an aggressive growth which is not unreasonable for a successful product and a much improved monthly expenditure. Still, the required turnover is measured in billions, which implies that in some sense Augur itself would have to grow larger than the current size of its parent platform, Ethereum.
Based on these findings, we lean toward the conclusion that Augur REP is probably overvalued at the moment.

2016-03-13 | Full Review


Steem delegation is probably the most underappreciated yet advanced cryptomarket out there right now in the hands of actual users who are extracting actual utility. It (a) mitigates reputation inequality, and (b) is a money market for idle reputation/attention. Ingenious.

2018-01-08 | Full Review