Digix is a cryptocurrency backed by actual bars of gold. One DGX represents a gram of gold.

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Reviews for Digix

  • Myles Snider on Digix Research Associate at Multicoin Capital

    Digix is cool. I expect to see more projects like that in the future for securing real-world assets on-chain.

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  • Riccardo Spagni on Digix Lead Maintainer at Monero

    Digix = "gold-backed" currency, so centralized holder of the gold! Not trustless, totally pointless.

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  • Dan McArdle on Digix Co-founder of Messari

    *Why* do people think on-chain assets can sensibly be "backed" by anything off-chain?! . . . I thought we were done debunking the "backing" nonsense 2 years ago. Sigh.

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  • Alex Van De Sande on Digix UX Designer at the Ethereum Foundation

    I created a secret phrase that I can write down anywhere, and then that can be real gold storage! Thinking about that makes everything seem awesome!

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  • Jake Brukhman on Digix Co-founder of CoinFund

    Digix will keep going as a company, but their ecosystem won’t have a native DAO to fund projects. The whales have voted that a DGD-ETH arbitrage is worth more than the long-term ecosystem support of a DAO to the tune of tens of millions. Experiment completed.

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