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Steem is a cryptocurrency rewards platform that the Steemit social network is built on top of. Steem can be used to upvote posts and comments on Steemit, leading to a monetary reward for the author.

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Steem delegation is probably the most underappreciated yet advanced cryptomarket out there right now in the hands of actual users extracting actual utility. It (a) mitigates reputation inequality and (b) is a money market for idle reputation/attention. Ingenious.

2018-01-08 | Full Review


To be clear, I don’t think Steem has this all figured out. I don’t own any Steem (or at least I don’t think I do). And I think they have made things a bit too complicated with their tokens and incentives. To their credit, they have taken steps to simplify things and they are headed in the right direction.

2017-01-05 | Full Review


Over $20 Million in STEEM distributed to @steemit users since launch says Ned Scott @certainassets #Steemfest. Proof of a real work Token

2017-11-02 | Full Review


$STEEM's SMTs like $ETH's "ERC-20 tokens, but w/ certain built-in ‘Proof-of-Brain’ properties...specifically for digital content businesses"... (h/t @jessewldn). Good work @certainassets & team, compensating human activity instead of machine activity is 🤔💭💭

2017-09-28 | Full Review


#STEEM is a good buy. Just reached 120k signups with 4k daily active users.

2016-12-31 | Full Review


I still can't believe people fell for the Steem ponzi scheme. Myopic users thought they'd receive $4000 / blog post

2016-09-08 | Full Review


As I said before, have serious concerns about $STEEM. How is it mined? What's to say there's no hidden "god mode"?

2016-08-12 | Full Review


Researching altcoins & astonished at their idiocy. Ripple is even stupider than Ethereum, but Steem has got to be the stupidest of them all.

2016-08-13 | Full Review


STEEM, and the Steemit content platform emerged with a novel use case for the blockchain in 2017. By creating a robust monetary reward system for the key cogs in any social content ecosystem—the user community—it has gained traction and a sizable user base since its launch. However, as 2018 has progressed STEEM has witnessed both dwindling user activity and an 84% price decline.

2018-08-06 | Full Review


steem has already collapsed into a hopeless mess of politics, campaigning, and bribery. the proof of work is simply obscured, not absent. raw hashes are a lot more elegant.

Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures and Co-creator of Coinmetrics

2018-03-09 | Full Review