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Pierre Rochard

Pierre Rochard is the founder of the Bitcoin Advisory, where he consults for institutional investors around Bitcoin. He also co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute in 2014.

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  • Pierre Rochard on Bitcoin Cash Founder of the Bitcoin Advisory

    BCH will never overtake BTC because BCH proponents lack focus. They are multicoiners with diversififed bags.

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  • Pierre Rochard on Stellar Founder of the Bitcoin Advisory

    Premined tokens like Stellar don't have a natural distribution mechanism like Bitcoin's, so they have to pump the price and "give away" a million dollars "worth of" tokens.

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  • Pierre Rochard on Ethereum Founder of the Bitcoin Advisory

    โ€œRather than pay a big company to run your app, Ethereum lets you host it on thousands of computers around the world."

    1. You can pay multiple big companies to have a multicloud deployment strategy.
    2. It is more expensive and less scalable to use Ethereum to host your app.

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  • Pierre Rochard on XRP Founder of the Bitcoin Advisory

    If banks end up using XRP (massive huge โ€œifโ€), itโ€™s because Ripple can create more XRP at any time. Thereโ€™s zero credibility to their monetary policy.

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  • Pierre Rochard on Bitcoin Founder of the Bitcoin Advisory

    The Schelling point is clear. Bitcoin's social consensus is to be the soundest money. In my opinion, on-chain transaction fees are going to more than make up for declining block subsidy. Within 50 years, Bitcoin mining will consume a sizable percentage of global electricity production.

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