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Roger Ver is the CEO of, and he was a prominent backer of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Before that, Ver was an early investor in bitcoin and bitcoin-based startups, and he co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation.

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Created by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

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    BTC a year ago 300k txs, now 170k
    LTC a year ago 2k txs, now 40k
    ETH a year ago 50k txs, now 750k
    ETC a year ago 20k txs, now 100k
    BCH a year ago 0 txs, now 20k

    BTC dominance a year ago 90%, now 45%...

    A substitute good is one good that can be used instead of another....

    Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

    2018-03-31 | Full Review

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    If Bitcoin had been allowed to scale in a timely fashion, there would be no Bitcoin Cash, there would be no Ethereum, and most of the other alt coins would never have gained any traction at all. Bitcoin would have experienced no real loss of dominance in the market.

    Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

    2018-03-08 | Full Review

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[Vitalik Buterin] is both a genius and a class act. Thatโ€™s why I sold a portion of my BTC for Ethereum in addition to lots of Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

2017-11-12 | Full Review

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I don't have a view on what the ultimate value of a Bitcoin will be nor do I care. I am interested in Bitcoin plain and simply because I believe it can be and possibly will be the financial and transactional protocol for the global Internet.

2013-11-24 | Full Review


If something is to displace Bitcoin now, it will have to have sizable improvements and it will have to happen quickly. Otherwise, this network effect will carry Bitcoin to dominance.

2014-01-21 | Full Review


Bitcoin takes powers from the central actors and returns it to merchants and consumers, savers and borrowers. Bitcoin brings back some pseudonymity in the transactions, and can be irrevocably traded like cash. And finally, it points a way towards a single currency โ€“ it is a bug, not a feature, that we have multiple global currencies with exchangers and transaction fees in between.

2013-11-07 | Full Review

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