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Roger Ver

Roger Ver is the CEO of Bitcoin.com, and he was a prominent backer of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Before that, Ver was an early investor in bitcoin and bitcoin-based startups, and he co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation.

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[Vitalik Buterin] is both a genius and a class act. Thatโ€™s why I sold a portion of my BTC for Ethereum in addition to lots of Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

2017-11-12 | Full Review


BTC a year ago 300k txs, now 170k
LTC a year ago 2k txs, now 40k
ETH a year ago 50k txs, now 750k
ETC a year ago 20k txs, now 100k
BCH a year ago 0 txs, now 20k

BTC dominance a year ago 90%, now 45%...

A substitute good is one good that can be used instead of another....

Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

2018-03-31 | Full Review

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