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The Bitcoin Foundation was created in 2012 to present an alternative perspective to Bitcoin's growing reputation for criminality and fraud. The foundation was modeled after the way that the Linux Foundation promotes the cause and adoption of Linux.

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photo of cryptocurrency expert Gavin Andresen
Gavin Andresen

Former lead developer of Bitcoin Core

photo of cryptocurrency expert Bruce Fenton
Bruce Fenton

CEO of Chainstone labs

photo of cryptocurrency expert Charlie Shrem
Charlie Shrem

Founder of CryptoIQ

photo of cryptocurrency expert Roger Ver
Roger Ver

Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

Reviews by Bitcoin Foundation people

πŸ”‘ 9 positive | πŸ’© 8 negative


I like to think the markets will eventually abandon tech-train-wreck coins (like IOTA).

2018-02-25 | Full Review


Cardano's rise is encouraging. In a sea of ICOs the market recognized & financially aligned with a project led by a very credentialed team w strong computer science & cryptography backgrounds who worked for years.

2017-12-19 | Full Review


STEEM is a good buy. It just reached 120k signups with 4k daily active users.

2016-12-31 | Full Review


You know when a network gets unstable ? When you primitively increase the block size. Taking the easy way out is not a long term solution and will be the downfall of BCH. History teaches us that scaling the right way is always better than scaling the easier way.

2017-12-20 | Full Review


Verge had multiple algos at once and all kinds of security issues.

2018-05-26 | Full Review


Bitcoin has an interesting property in that it was ethically issued and has ongoing ethics in its distribution: everyone knows the rules and takes risks based on how the code works. Incentives are aligned

Most other projects don’t even attempt to duplicate this level of fairness

2018-09-26 | Full Review


BTC is the Birkin Bag of crypto-assets. Expensive and rare with high transaction costs but huge brand value.

2018-01-08 | Full Review


I never cared about nor followed Ripple much, but their complete dishonesty about the XRP issue is baffling and insulting.

Their lies are going to turn me from indifferent to an active enemy of the project / company.

2018-10-04 | Full Review


EOS is forgoing immutability and creating a bad precedent like Ethereum did during the DAO hack. What happens when a state wants to censor a TX? I thought the point of blockchains is [ensuring] that *no one* could have the power.

2018-06-18 | Full Review


So the Bancor can freeze accounts, create new tokens and block transfers. Why do they need a Blockchain again?

2017-06-23 | Full Review


Just heard from another merchant adding BCH.

I think we’ll see a wave of β€œdropping BTC, customer support costs too high” within six months.

2017-12-22 | Full Review


[Vitalik Buterin] is both a genius and a class act. That’s why I sold a portion of my BTC for Ethereum in addition to lots of Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

2017-11-12 | Full Review


BTC a year ago 300k txs, now 170k
LTC a year ago 2k txs, now 40k
ETH a year ago 50k txs, now 750k
ETC a year ago 20k txs, now 100k
BCH a year ago 0 txs, now 20k

BTC dominance a year ago 90%, now 45%...

A substitute good is one good that can be used instead of another....

Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

2018-03-31 | Full Review


Ethereum processes more transactions [than Bitcoin]. Has lower fees. And more p2p nodes. . . . [M]ore scale means more decentralization.

2017-12-13 | Full Review