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Tushar Jain

Tushar Jain is managing partner at Multicoin Capital, an investment fund focused on cryptocurrency. He formerly co-founded ePatientFinder.

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@AugurProject is building one of the “primitives“ of the new financial system. With Augur, you can construct any variety of financial instruments.

2018-05-11 | Full Review

Given all the people who like to complain about Ethereum’s DAO fork, there must be so many projects building on Ethereum Classic. Wait there’s none? Maybe the network only launched recently or is still unlaunched. Oh it’s been live for 2 years? And still nothing? 🤔

2018-06-17 | Full Review


Tether is a systemic risk in that if it explodes billions of dollars could effectively disappear & cause exchange insolvencies. An alternative to Tether hugely reduces that risk.

2018-09-10 | Full Review


One of EOS‘s greatest strengths is in having 21+ independent, accountable, and well-financed teams like @EOS_Canada & @eosnewyork to help provide user support, develop infrastructure, and market the platform.

2018-10-16 | Full Review