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Myles Snider

Myles Snider is the CEO of Aurora EOS, a block producer for EOS. He was formerly a research associate at Multicoin Capital, a hedge fund focused on cryptocurrencies.

Multicoin Capital

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In the case of XRP, we believe that the token holds little utility beyond payment of negligible fees and thus is unlikely to maintain and build value in the long-term. While we expect that XRP tokens will continue to see price spikes as Ripple Inc. makes announcements, we don’t believe that the fundamentals of the protocol will build sustained value for XRP.

2017-08-31 | Full Review


While IOTA was one of the first major projects to build a DAG instead of a blockchain, we find that the approach taken by the IOTA team presents many reasons to be highly concerned. While DAG-based systems may form an important part of the future of the crypto ecosystem, we have reservations about the DAG implementation of IOTA, as listed above.

2018-01-23 | Full Review


We believe decentralized prediction markets will reshape global finance markets and democratize finance in many respects. Augur presents the most compelling opportunity in the prediction market space.

2017-08-24 | Full Review


0x is emerging as the leading [decentralized exchange] platform within the Ethereum ecosystem. Not only is the core protocol well-designed and fully functional, but 0x has also incentivized a whole ecosystem of third-party relayers whose services will make using 0x even easier than using a centralized exchange.

2017-12-14 | Full Review


Dash is compelling. Stable relative to other cryptos, but not "stablecoin" stable. And I do have some concerns about privatesend.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Digix is cool. I expect to see more projects like that in the future for securing real-world assets on-chain.

2018-03-26 | Full Review


Well, good thing Dentacoin has no leader. I'd like to see them come after our distributed community of dental-health enthusiasts.

2018-04-25 | Full Review


My biggest concern [around EOS] recently has been around arbitration. Specifically, an unelected group called ECAF that issues network-level arbitration decisions.

2018-11-20 | Full Review

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