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Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian software developer. He co-founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2011, and wrote the initial Ethereum whitepaper in 2013.

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Bitcoin SV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash that aims to follow Satoshi Nakamoto's vision for the Bitcoin protocol.

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Bitcoin SV reviews by Vitalik Buterin

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    I have my disagreements with the Bitcoin roadmap, PoW, etc but they're trying to do something that's genuinely cool tech. BSV is a pure dumpster fire.

    2018-12-25 | Full Review

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    - 128 MB blocks are an insanely stupid idea.
    - Every technical proposal CSW has put forward is so stupid it makes the IOTA team look like it's run by Dan Boneh.
    - You can't not talk about CSW because who else does BSV have?
    - No idea what their vision or goal even is.

    2018-12-06 | Full Review

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Now, the latest scandal in DPoS (delegated proof of stake) land seems to be substantially worse. Because the delegate rewards in EOS are now so high (5% annual inflation, about $400m per year), the competition on who gets to run nodes has essentially become yet another frontier of U.S.-China geopolitical economic warfare. . . . The EOS New York community’s response seems to be that they have issued a strongly worded letter to the world stating that buying votes will be against the constitution.

2018-03-28 | Full Review


Synthetic assets have existed for a long time and it's clear that they work, modulo the tradeoff between tail risk and capital inefficiency. That's all stablecoins are....DAI is about getting exposure to the dollar without holding it.

2018-04-21 | Full Review


Golem is Airbnb for your CPU :)

2016-12-18 | Full Review

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BSV conclusively showed that a single block can take more than 20 minutes to propagate. It also had a clear case of a miner mining two different blocks at the same height. They are the laughingstock of cryptocurrencies, a coin borne of fraud, social media images and endless bullshit.

2018-11-26 | Full Review


When Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV get to mining cost equilibrium, assuming their prices are both $100, the cost to reorganize 6-blocks will be $7,500 (12.5 block reward with almost no fees x $100 x 6 blocks ). In 1.5 years that cost halves. Still think a fee market is ridiculous?

2018-12-06 | Full Review


If you are satisfied with a solution where the consensus among a small group becomes canonical for the rest of the network, then both XRP or Bitcoin SV are good solutions for you (most cryptocurrency enthusiasts aren't).

2019-01-06 | Full Review

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